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Construction impact and design considerations of Zhenjiang Steel Structure

Updated: 2019-12-11 15:30:05
At the construction site of the steel structure, the main reference is the steel structure design. The design of the Zhenjiang steel structure has a great relationship to the success or failure of the entire project. If the design is not reasonable, the project may fail. There is this very strict requirement. Although steel structure engineering is simple and rapid, steel structure design is very complicated, and its influence is also the largest. Another important point in the design of Zhenjiang Steel Structure is to consider what kind of building materials are used for the outer wall, and the locations where different materials are used are also different.
The steel structure warehouse has very superior performance and has greatly improved the space utilization rate. It has fully saved the limited precious resources and land. Its utilization rate is two to five times that of ordinary warehouses. This number is important for modern sustainable development. The development strategy to protect the environment is considerable. It also facilitates the formation of advanced logistics systems and improves the level of production management of enterprises. Traditional warehouses are only places for storing goods, and storing goods is its only function. The current steel structure warehouse is an important production link for the outsourcing and production of enterprises into automated storage. It is an automated system. It is a dynamic warehouse contrary to the traditional static warehouse. It not only enables the goods to be automatically stored in the warehouse as required. It can also be organically connected to the production link outside the warehouse.

Sometimes users will find that some steel structure buildings will leak water on the roof after being used for a period of time. If this is a non-construction problem, it will be an early problem in the design of steel structures, because most steel structures are roofed with clamps. The core board is made. If the thermal expansion and contraction under the sun is not considered in the design, the span design will be biased, and the outer panel of the roof panel will have a few break marks. This is the culprit causing leakage. ; In the design of the steel structure, if there is a gutter, the tie rod cannot be designed close to the top of the column, otherwise it will be impossible to install the downpipe.
The position of the gutter downpipe and tie rods and the support between the columns must be considered, otherwise you will either hit the tie rods or the support between the columns. On the horizontal support, the arrangement of the bolt position of the flower basket should not deviate too much from the position of the main beam. You should consider how to install it, how to be safe and reliable, and do not put the horizontal support and the concrete support together. In the process of designing the steel structure, To take into account small details, for example, when doing large projects, we must deepen the numbering of the drawings, consider the problem of convenient production and installation, and consider twisting when designing the location of high-strength bolts. The construction space of the torque wrench and torque wrench should not be used during installation, because the space is too small, the torque breaker and torque wrench cannot be in place, etc., resulting in the high-strength bolt torx head cannot be broken or the high-strength bolt cannot be tightened.

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