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Demand for factory and large-scale production of Nanjing steel structure

Update Time: 2019-12-4 16:00:07
Nowadays, steel structures are used more and more commonly, and steel structure engineering naturally involves more and more of it. No matter what the environment, Nanjing steel structure should be subject to thousands of honing, in order to become A really good steel structure project. The steel structure project in the atmospheric environment is affected by sunlight, wind and sand, rain and snow, frost and dew, and temperature and humidity changes throughout the year. Among them, oxygen and moisture in the atmosphere are important factors that cause outdoor steel structure corrosion, and cause electrochemical corrosion.
Industrial gases contain sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia. Although these components are small in content, they can not be ignored in the corrosion hazards of steel structure engineering. Among them, sulfur dioxide has the greatest effect, and chlorine can make the metal surface dull. The film was damaged. These gases are acidic when dissolved in water, forming acid rain, and corrode metal installations. The ocean atmosphere is characterized by containing a large amount of salt, mainly NaCl. Salt particles settle on the metal surface. Because it has moisture absorption and increases the conductivity of the liquid film on the surface, the chloride ion itself is highly corrosive, so Increased corrosion on metal surfaces.

> The closer the steel structure project is to the coast, the more severe the corrosion will be. The corrosion rate will be many times higher in the double inland atmosphere. For each field, we should make corresponding protective measures, whether it is anti-corrosion or fire prevention. In short, only by protecting the steel structure project can we make our future more brilliant. The development of the steel structure engineering industry can be summarized as persisting in making the industry bigger and stronger. The industry is made up of enterprises. There is no bigger and stronger industry without the bigger and stronger industry. For us, development means strengthening the industry and strengthening the enterprise. The transformation of the steel structure industry development mode needs to adapt to circular economy and low-carbon economy.
Steel structure engineering has fast construction speed, low construction pollution, and light weight. These advantages make it a future development trend. Many buildings have begun to adopt steel structure. Steel structure engineering has achieved factory and large-scale production. Compared with traditional construction engineering, its construction cycle is shorter, fewer on-site labor, high labor productivity, and easy to guarantee quality. To be economical, applicable, and aesthetically pleasing, various types of residential quarters, public buildings, and industrial parks must have high-level park plans, complete supporting service facilities, high-performance infrastructure, and advanced properties. Management, so people will choose steel structure workshops in the future cities.

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