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Zhenjiang Steel Structure Platform Compartment

Updated: 2019-11-13 15:00:09
The steel structure platform interlayer not only does not cause danger to the original building, but also has a reinforcing effect. The Zhenjiang steel structure platform interlayer sandwich is a secondary building, which is very practical, has a short construction period, and is cost-effective. The same building is on the first floor. Changing two or more floors will bring multiple surprises to the owner. The steel structure sandwich is usually composed of planking, primary and secondary beams, columns, inter-pillar supports, and ladders, railings, etc., which need to pay attention to its load-bearing performance in the design. If it is used for temporary storage of the plant, the general clearance height should not be less than 1.8 M.
Protective railings should generally be set around steel structure platforms, and the height of the railings is generally 1M. When the platform height is greater than 2M, a skirting board with a height of 100-150mm should be set under the protective railing. The platform should be provided with ladders for up and down traffic. The width of the ladder should not be less than 600mm. In fact, the steel structure sandwich is generally used in the workshop as an area for temporary storage of goods or temporary offices. Its structural layout should be economical and reasonable, and the transmission force should be directly clear. The arrangement of beams should be appropriate to their span. When the span of the beam is large, its spacing should also be increased. Make full use of the allowable span of the slabs and reasonably arrange the beam grid to obtain better economic results.

Steel structure platform interlayers are not limited to one or two low-level layers, but are more difficult to manufacture and install, and require higher and higher accuracy on multi-layer steel structure platforms. The multi-layer steel structure platform should be detailed when the design is made, and installed and installed according to the relative elevation. In particular, the length error of the steel column must not exceed 3mm, irrespective of the shrinkage deformation of the weld and the compressive deformation caused by the vertical load. The total height of the building is acceptable as long as the total allowable deviation of the production of each column and the sum of the compression deformation of the steel column are qualified. The higher the steel structure platform, the more the number of layers, and the higher the production and installation requirements. It is required that the sum of the accumulated dimensions of each steel column should meet the total size of the design requirements.
The shrinkage deformation caused by the joint of each section of column and the compressive deformation caused by the vertical load should be added to the processing length of each section of steel column, all of which require the personnel of the various departments of the steel structure enterprise to consider in advance to avoid Rework occurs during production and installation. The steel structure skeleton is done well, and it is better to rust prevent steel plates or checkered plates. After the steel structure framework is completed, steel plates or floor slabs are laid on top, and concrete is finally poured. Steel-wood structure adopts channel steel, I-beam or rectangular pipe as main beam; angle steel or square pipe as auxiliary beam; after the steel structure is done, anti-rust treatment is performed, and then planks are laid on it.

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